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Wood & Fabric Dining Set

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Our Guardsman Wood Product Warranty gives you peace of mind and ensures that you can enjoy your new dining furniture from the moment it arrives in your home. Safeguard both your timber dining table and fabric dining chairs against accidental stains and accidental damage with our comprehensive 5 year Product Warranty. IMPORTANT: Please note that the Guardsman Product Warranty must be purchased at the same time as the furniture you would like to protect. It will need to be on the same invoice and the kit applied to the product before use.

Product Details

  • Comprehensive 5 Year Product Warranty
  • Protect your timber and fabric dining furniture against accidental stains and accidental damage
  • Wood and Fabric Care Collection kits included for self application


With your 5 Year Product Warranty you are provided with a Wood Care Collection kit and Fabric Care Collection kit for self application. This includes:

1 x Purifying Wood Cleaner, 354g
1 x Revitalising Wood Polish, 354g
1 x Ultimate Dusting Cloth
1 x Touch-Up Markers,
3 pack 1 x Filler Sticks,
5 pack 1 x Water Ring & Mark Remover
1 x Fabric Protector Aerosol, 264g
1 x Fabric Cleaner Level 1, 250ml


What does the Warranty cover?

A Product Warranty provides service for stain removal, repair, and where applicable, replacement of irreparably damaged items, to maintain good condition of your furniture over time.

What if the furniture can’t be cleaned or repaired?

Our customer service team will investigate a number of options to find the best fix for you, including replacing items where applicable, recovering the area with new fabric, or in some instances, even replacing the piece of furniture.

What is included as an accidental stain or damage?

Guardsman Product Warranties provide you with protection against all accidental stains and damage, including but not limited to:
– Stains from food & beverages
– Pet bodily fluids
– Cosmetics including nail polish & lipstick
– Ink, glue & wax
– Paint & oils
– Bleach & detergent
– Mud & dirt
– Rips, cuts, tears and burns

Terms & Conditions

Care Products and Services are provided to SARAH ELLISON. by Guardsman Australia Pty Ltd.

Guardsman has been a leading expert in furniture care and repair since 1915.

For additional Information on this product and warranty full terms and conditions CLICK HERE.

If you have any further questions, please contact our team or CLICK HERE for our Warranty Page.

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Guardsman Product Warranty Wood & Fabric - Wood & Fabric Dining Set - 5 Year Guardsman Product Warranty Wood & Fabric - Wood & Fabric Dining Set - 5 Year Guardsman Product Warranty Wood & Fabric - Wood & Fabric Dining Set - 5 Year