Fabric Protector Spray

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Guardsman fabric care products keep fabric upholsteries looking their best from the moment they arrive in your home, without affecting the original look or feel of the fabric. Safeguard your new fabric upholstery from potentially damaging spills and stains with the Fabric Protector Spray.

Product Details

  • Fabric Protector Spray provided by Guardsman Australia Pty Ltd.
  • Designed to shield fabric upholstery against spills and stains
  • Included is 1 x Fabric Protector Aerosol, 264g
  • Spray requires self application


What is the difference between the Fabric Care Products and the Fabric Product Warranty?

Guardsman Fabric Care Products are designed to eliminate stains and protect your fabric upholstery for the future. We also sell a comprehensive 5 Year Product Warranty which comes with a Fabric Care Kit.

The Warranty is not included with the purchase of this product - please CLICK HERE to learn more about our Protection Warranties.

Terms & Conditions

Care Products and Services are provided to SARAH ELLISON. by Guardsman Australia Pty Ltd.

Guardsman has been a leading expert in furniture care and repair since 1915.

If you have any further questions, please contact our team or CLICK HERE for our Warranty Page.

Guardsman Product Care Upholstery Protector - Fabric Protector Spray Guardsman Product Care Upholstery Protector - Fabric Protector Spray