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Guardsman Leather Product Warranty

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Our Leather Product Warranty gives you peace of mind and ensures that you can enjoy your new furniture from the moment it arrives in your home. Safeguard your leather furniture against accidental stains and accidental damage for 5 years with our Leather Product Warranty and Leather Care Collection Kit.

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  • Care Products and Services are provided to SARAH ELLISON. by Guardsman Australia Pty Ltd.
  • Guardsman has been a leading expert in furniture care and repair since 1915.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the warranty is not valid if placed separately before or after the furniture order.

With your Protection Plan you are provided the following cleaning products:
1 x Leather Clean & Renew, 250ml
1 x Leather Protect & Preserve, 250ml
3 x Leather Ink Remover Wipes

For additional product information please see downloadable content section or contact info@sarahellison.com.au

Product Description

Leather Clean & Renew
Guardsman Leather Clean & Renew rejuvenates leather’s appearance, gently yet thoroughly removing soil and grime. Leather and vinyl enjoy a renewed look and feel. Guardsman Leather Clean & Renew is pH balanced to maintain leather’s soft, supple feel. This streak-free cleaning product leaves no dust-sticking residue common with all-in-one cleaners.
- pH balanced to maintain leathers soft, supple feel
- Streak-free clean leaving no dust-sticking residue common among all-in-one cleaner conditioners
- Keeps leathers intended sheen; free of oily gloss
- Safe for use on aniline leather. Not intended for use on suede and nubuck leathers
For best results and long-lasting beauty, use Guardsman Leather Cleaner at least 6-12 times per year. Always follow up with Guardsman Leather Protect & Preserve to create an invisible shield against premature ageing and damaging stains.

Leather Protect & Preserve

Creates an invisible shield to protect leather and vinyl against premature ageing and damaging stains, without harmful oils that can discolour or damage leather. Available in convenient to use wipes, or as a liquid that can be applied with a soft, lint-free cloth.
- Protects original feel and colour, keeps upholstery looking its best and feeling soft and supple
- Improves stain and soil resistance for easier, more effective cleaning
- Safeguards against irreversible damage from penetrating stains.
Before each use, clean with Guardsman Leather Cleaner to remove dirt, soil, and surface grime. For best results and long-lasting beauty, use Guardsman Leather Protector at least 6-12 times per year. Not intended for use on suede, nubuck, or buffed leathers. To protect those leathers, use Guardsman Fabric Protector.

Ink Remover Wipes

Keep ink remover wipes on hand for those inevitable mishaps and to keep your leather looking its best.
- Recent ink and lipstick stains disappear from finished leather and vinyl upholstery
Safe for most finished leathers, gently blot ink, lipstick, and many other marks from the surface. Follow with Guardsman’s Leather Cleaner and Leather Protector to neutralise the ink remover, and to add protection to resist further stains and damage.


What Does The Warranty Cover?
Your Guardsman Fabric Protection Product Warranty protects your fabric furniture against all accidental stains and accidental damage for 5 years. As well as the cleaning products to match your service purchase, you will also receive;
- Toll-free professional telephone advisory service on how to handle accidental stains and damage and
- Free in-home visits by an authorised technician to remove accidental stains and fix accidental damage on any covered claim

What If You Can’t Clean Or Repair My Furniture?
Our customer service team will investigate a number of options to find the best fix for you, including replacing cushions or cushion covers, recovering the area with new fabric and, in some instances, even replacing the piece of furniture.

What is included as an Accidental Stain & Damage?
- Stains from Food & Beverage
- Pet Bodily Fluids
- Nail Polish and Lipsticks
- Pen, Ink & Markers
- Paint & Oils
- Bleach & Detergent
- Mud & Dirt
- Rips, Tears and Cuts
- Burns

Terms & Conditions

Additional Information and full terms and conditions are available here.

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